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A puzzle/arcade game for the immortal C64Planet Balls was inhabited by peaceful balls that lived under the guidance of their King. But one bad day the evil Dark Cube made them all prisoners! Save King Ball and his subjects and restore peace on the planet!


The game saves your progress to disk, so the next time you play it, you won't have to restart from the first level!

Press F7 on the main screen for some instructions.
Press RUN / STOP to restart the current level.
Press F3 to return to the first level.
Press F5 to go to the next level (if you've already reached it).

You can't put blocks in the air, but you have to stack them on top of existing ones (on blocks that allow it).

You can stack an unlimited number of blocks from bottom to top and remove them in reverse order.

Some tips:

  • Prepare the way in advance!
  • The balls can jump a block, but not 2 or more and only if they have enough space to do so!
  • You can't place a block over the balls, so you may need to group them together... but beware, once freed, they will separate again quickly!
  • Only one ball needs to reach the key, so separate one and lead it to the key.
  • You have to save at least half of the balls, for each color.
  • Some blocks are invisible and will appear once a ball passes over them!

N.B.: I got a lot of compliments for this game, thanks everyone.
I wish to add a note. I made it because I have always wanted to make a video game for my first computer (I was 8 when my parents gave it to me). But above all, because it reminds me of my father (who passed away last year) and the afternoons spent with him at that time, teaching me the rudiments of programming through the C64. Unforgettable moments.
I did it in his honor and memory. Thanks Dad.

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Very enjoyable game,  thanks AGPX. Just wondering how many levels there are? I'm on level 16 at the mo and judging by how tricky its getting I reckon I must be near the end!!

Congratulations on reaching level 16, it's not easy. The number of levels is 22, so you are close to the end... but not too much :)


Hey AGPX, I also posted about and recorded a video yesterday for this amazing game (https://vintageisthenewold.com/planet-balls-a-new-challenging-puzzle-game-for-the-c64-that-will-get-you-hooked/). It is nice to see something that are different once in a while!

I spent way too much time recording the video because I've got so hooked that I couldn't stop! This is certainly a professional-grade homebrew game for the C64. If we were in the 80s, this would be a best seller and you would be a rich man :)

Thanks, it's my first C64 game.

Lemmings! :] With bubbles! Really cool!

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Hi, thanks for the nice comments.

@Saberman: nice video. A hint: sometimes it's useful to stop and group the balls by creating a "pit" like this:


Nice game!


Nice game, It reminds me of Lemmings, One bit you could improve is to have music or some sort of sound fx's while playing a level, but other then that it's a Great Game.