A downloadable tool

A free SID sound effect editor (with a basic UI) that allows you to create some sound effects and export them to be used in BASIC or Assembly (through IRQ).

The exported data and routines can be relocated to any address you wish.

- the assembly routines clobbers 4 locations in page zero (default to $fc, $fd, $fe and $ff, but you can choose them);
- there are 2 executables (one for PAL 50Hz and another for NTSC 60Hz);

Enjoy it!

Release notes:


- Added ability to customize the zero page addresses;
- Added a random effect generator;


- First release.


SidSFX 0.0.2 - 32 bit.zip 26 MB


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Any chance for a Linux version?

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Could someone confirm if this works on Windows 7?

It should work (I can't test it). Remember to run VC_redist.x86.exe to install any missing dependencies.

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Yes, I installed VC_redist.x86.exe, but Sid Sfx Editor does not work.

Did you install SP1 in Windows 7? Try installing all OS updates, I don't see any other reason why it shouldn't work with it.

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Yes, I have SP1 and all OS updates. I'd like to find out if anyone else with Windows 7 is having this problem?

What year Visual C++  are you using?

Will this run on x64 Windows?


How about Windows 7?


Looks interesting, one suggestion, why not let the user set the ZP addresses in the routine before export?


Good idea, I'll update the editor.

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Ok, I've added this functionality and also a tool to generate random sound effects.


Very nice tool!